Jennifer Aniston Talks "Friends" Casting Uncertainty

Jennifer Aniston Talks

Teaching fans that persistence pays off, Jennifer Aniston talked recently about “Friends” being her sixth TV pilot.

During the Television Academy presents An Evening Honoring James Burrows at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on Monday (October 7), the 44-year-old actress shared personal stories about the director of the hit show.

After Burrows explained that they were only able to snag her after her sitcom “Muddling Through” was canceled, Jen explained the confusion during prep for the show.

For the now-famous opening, she explained, “When we were shooting the first grouping of cast photos [of Friends] in front of that fountain, I was asked to step out of a bunch because they didn”t know if I was going to be still playing Rachel.”

In another awkward moment, Jen recounted how a man on set asked her who she was and she replied, “Well, I”m doing a bunch of pilots and this is just my sixth pilot and I”m just hoping that it goes.” And he said, “But you”re on another show” and I said, “Yeah.” And he said, “You know they”re going to pick that show up just to try to mess with Friends because this is going to be a great show.” And I was like, “No. They would never do that.” And sure enough I remember we were at the upfronts and they literally came out with the announcement that they picked us up for three episodes.” “Friends” went on to make audiences laugh for the following decade.