Jay-Z Lawsuit — Sued for Risky Business

Jay Z Yankees hat
Jay-Z gambled with his employees” health and safety — this according to a new lawsuit filed against the rapper … by the Workers Compensation Board of New York.

According to the suit, obtained by , Jay-Z failed to pay workers” compensation insurance for three months in 2009 — and sources close to the situation tell us, the insurance was supposed to cover domestic employees in Jay-Z”s house … cooks, maids, drivers … that sort of thing.

The government agency sued the rapper to collect $18,000 in fines for the transgression — and a court has since ordered Jay to pay up.

According to the docs, it was only a momentary lapse — after the three-month period in 2009, Jay-Z acquired the right insurance and the problem was resolved … with the exception of the outstanding $18,000 owed.

A source close to Jay-Z claims the rapper never lapsed in his workers” comp payments — telling us, the $18,000 bill is the result of a clerical error … which is currently being sorted out.