Jay-Z — Big Ups to the REAL Magna Carta

Who”s bigger … Jay-Z or the Magna Carta — the historic document that eventually gave Americans “certain inalienable rights” — not his new album

It”s a toss up, but yeah … Jigga paid his respects during a Sunday visit with the real-life Magna Carta — the 13th Century document written in England, and forced upon King John in order to provide liberties and justice for all … and stuff.

Jay-Z posed next to the MC in the Salisbury, England cathedral where it”s kept under lock and key. 

Now, if he can just find the Holy Grail.

FUN FACT: The Magna Carta is the basis for the U.S. Constitution, and therefore most of our laws. But here”s the thing — do you remember when the Magna Carta was signed

Click here to make your history teacher proud. Or to embarrass yourself.