Jay-Z — 40/40 Club Shut Down for Health Code Violations

Jay-Z“s 40/40 Club in New York City was shut down following a health code inspection that uncovered a slew of violations.

The violations, listed below and first reported by the NY Post, range from hot food being left out on the counter … to a refrigerator being kept at 60° rather than the required 41° … to a worker seen mixing salsa with his bare hands. 

The club was scored 69 violation points, according to New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene”s website. A score of 28 or higher results in the dreaded C grade.

According to the paper, the club was closed Thursday night and new patrons were not allowed in — the ones already inside were allowed to stay.

The Department of Health”s website lists the restaurant as “closed by Health Dept.” … but the NY Post says it was open for business last night.

We reached out to a rep for the club … no word back yet.

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