Jason Bateman Talks "Arrested Development" in GQ April 2013

Jason Bateman Talks

Gearing up for the return of “Arrested Development” this summer,Jason Bateman scored a cover spot on the April 2013 issue of GQ magazine.

The 38-year-old actor rocked Z Zegna and Emporio Armani for the Peggy Sirota-shot spread while chatting about everything from reuniting with the hilarious cast of his hit show to what”s in store for his future.

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On his “Arrested Development” comeback:
“It was something that, every month or two since the end of the show, there would be an update about the progress [about some kind of reunion]. So it wasnt that big of a shock when it happened, because it always seemed like it was a half a year from happening anyway. But when we did finally all come together on the set, it was pretty neat. I just dont know how many examples there are of thatwhere people get to come back and do a reunion-type situation and have it not be a bit of a Hail Mary, careerwise. That show launched a lot of our careers and everyone is doing great, so to come back together while things are going well is really a fortunate situation. Everybody had to be big boys about not making it financially impossible.”

On becoming a talk show host:
“Without getting too specific about it, because I cant, Ive thought seriously about it as recently as last year. Having just come back from doing a week of talk shows last week [to promote Identity Thief], I was talking to Amanda about, in twenty yearswhen the girls go to college and we can finally move to New York, which is what Ive been wanting to do foreverif television will have me, I would love to do that. Regis retired at what, 80 So in twenty years Ill be 64. To host a talk show then, that would be a fun way to do the last bit.”

On wanting to become a director:
“I think, more realistically, Id like it to be more like George Clooneys career or Ben Stillers career or Ben Afflecks career as far as splitting the time between acting and directing. Im so I just vibrate at how excited I am about the complexity of the process, of making a fake world for an audience. Its not a God complex, but thats what directors are doing: Theyre creating a fake world, and it is four-walled. Its 360 degrees. When a movie is great, you dont notice the effort. It is a real world that youve just watched. Theres no better job in the world than directing a film. Im convinced of it.”