Jared Leto Admits He Could Have Been A Drug Dealer

Jared Leto Admits He Could Have Been A Drug Dealer

He”s now an accomplished actor, musician, singer and songwriter, but according to Jared Leto himself, his life couldn”t have turned out completely different.

In a writing titled, “Letter to My Younger Self” for the UK publication The Big Issue, the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman admits his tumultuous upbringing left him at a “crossroads” in his younger years.

“I was at a crossroads in life when I was 16,” Leto explains. “I was taking a look at my opportunities and what I”d do with my life and how I”d go about it. I didn”t know I was going to be an actor. I thought it might be an artist or a painter. Or maybe a drug dealer. But I didn”t know which path I would take. It”s just fortunate that I chose one over the other.”

Thinking back on his darker days of young adulthood, Jared says, “If I met the teenage Jared now the first thing I”d notice would probably be that my wallet was missing. He had a pretty tough exterior, it would be hard to crack. I was in trouble quite a bit with the authorities, any person who made rules or the law.”

Contributing some of his struggles to his uneasy childhood, the 41-year-old explains, “When you”re younger you don”t have the tools, you just don”t know how to cope with those challenges. Probably a lot of my behavior was related to doing drugs. I think everything happens for a reason so its good that I learned the lessons that I had to learn. But there was a lot of pain and uncertainty and that”s not always fun.”