January Jones in Glamour UK April 2013: I Love Being a Single Mom

January Jones in Glamour UK April 2013: I Love Being a Single Mom

She made headlines over eating her own placenta after giving birth to son Xander, and now January Jones is fessing up about the deed in the April 2013 issue of Glamour UK.

Looking gorgeous for the Simon Emmett-shot front page, the “Mad Men” star opens up about her post-birth experience and enjoying life as a mother.

During the interview, Ms. Jones reveals she regrets telling anyone about her unusual decision. “I should never have told anyone about that,” she admits. “But it”s not gross or witchycrafty. Nor am I putting it in a shake or eating it raw. It”s a very civilized thing that can help women with depression or fatigue. I was never depressed or sad or down after the baby was born, so I”d highly suggest it to any pregnant woman.”

While discussing being a single mother, January says she doesn”t mind the responsibility at all. “People keep saying, “Oh poor you, being a single mom,” but I don”t want to be pitied. I can do anything I want to do. I work, I date, I have friends. I have time for everything I had time for before. I just have an added amazing thing in my life,” she explains.

Pleased with her decision, the happy mommy explains, “I have a great family and friends, and I know they”d be there if I needed help, but I feel like I”m doing fine on my own. Being a mom is something I always wanted to do and I love it.”