Janelle Monáe in Billboard: I Never Liked People Telling Me What To Do

Janelle Monáe in Billboard: I Never Liked People Telling Me What To Do

With her new forthcoming album The Electric Lady nearing its anticipated release, Janelle Monae amp”ed up promotions by covering the latest issue of Billboard magazine.

While rocking black and white ensembles for the front page shoot, the “Q.U.E.E.N.” hitmaker dished about her new album and the importance of timing.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Monae”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Billboard!

On taking her time on the new album:
“We took our time to work on it. We felt a shift in the world… a shift in our music and freedom, with life and politics and where we are in society. Every time isn”t always right now for you to come out with something. You just get a feeling [when the time is right]. We call that listening to our “soul clock.””

On her music”s meaning:
“I feel like there are constant parallels with me as a woman, being an African-American woman, to what it means for the community that people consider to be qu***, the community of immigrants and the Negroid-the combination between the “N” and the android. All of us have very similar fights with society and oppressors, with those who are not about love, who are more about judging. There are two different types of people: Some people come into this world to judge, some people come into this world to jam. Which one are you It”s a question we should ask ourselves. My job is to create art that starts a dialogue, to create songs and lyrics that ask society these questions, by using myself as a sacrificial lamb.”

On never changing herself for others:
“I never liked people telling me what to do. I also wanted to own something: I”ve always had this thought of owning my own label, of being in charge of my words, my art, everything you hear. My goal wasn”t to be the most famous person overnight – it was to make music on my own terms, develop myself and understand if my words were necessary to young people like myself and to make my family proud.”