Jane Lynch — If You Want Marriage Advice … I Got Nuthin’!

Exclusive 092413_jane_lynch_launch_v2
When it comes to Jane Lynch and marriage … she wants you to know the doctor is NOT in — and yes, you can take that a couple of different ways.

We caught up with Jane outside her usual spot … Kings Road Cafe, where she was chilling with Matt Sorum — the Velvet Revolver drummer and soon-to-be groom — and we”ve never seen her laugh this hard.

Jane absolutely busted up when we asked if  she was giving Matt tips on achieving marital bliss. Her response is hysterical … and maybe a little sad.

our sources broke the story … the “Glee” star is divorcing her wife, Dr. Lara Embry — though she seems totally chill with the sitch in this clip.