Jane Lynch — ‘I Kinda Like Being Single’

Exclusive 091313_jane_lynch_launch
It”s clear marriage wasn”t right for Jane Lynch — at least not now — “cause the “Glee” star tells our sources she”s really diggin” the single life at the moment.

The always friendly Lynch was out in Bev Hills yesterday when we asked her if she”s ready to meet some new ladies, now that a couple of months have passed since she and wife Lara Embry split up.

But Lynch says she”s not sure she wants to jump back into a relationship — telling us, “I kinda like being single.”

Makes sense, considering Lynch”s divorce recently turned nasty — with Embry trying to nail Jane to the wall with more than $93k per month in spousal support.

With those kinda problems, single life kinda makes sense … right