Jamie Spears — Good Riddance, Sam Lutfi!!!

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Britney Spears
” father Jamie is THRILLED after beating Brit”s ex-manager Sam Lutfi in court — but tells our sources, the victory is bittersweet.

We just spoke to Jamie on the phone, and he tells us, he”s pleased the judge tossed out Sam”s defamation lawsuit against the Spears family — before it went to jury — but he expressed disappointment at not being able to take the stand and tell the “real” story. 

As we reported, an L.A. judge dismissed Lutfi”s lawsuit against the Spearses yesterday for lack of evidence — a lawsuit in which Lutfi claimed the Spears family defamed him, physically attacked him, and breached a management contract he had with Britney. 

As for Britney”s performance on “X Factor” so far — Jamie says his daughter got off to a rough start … but she”s gotten better and better every week.