James Gandolfini — Possible Last Photo Before Death

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James Gandolfini dined at an Italian restaurant and was photographed during his meal shortly before he died.

We”ve been getting unconfirmed reports Gandolfini was at Ciampini restaurant in Rome — where the pic was taken — hours before his death.  Although we know he was there, the restaurant can”t confirm if it turned out to be his last meal.

And now we know … doctors tried in vain for 40 minutes to resuscitate the actor.  They tried everything — heart massage and other methods but there was no electric activity from the heart, meaning he was probably dead before he even got to the hospital.  The hospital confirms that.

There will be an autopsy, which will probably include a toxicology report that will reveal if drugs or alcohol were in Gandolfini”s system.

The chief doc at the ER says it looks like the “Sopranos” star died of natural causes — a heart attack.