James Franco: "Sirius" About Fans in the Big Apple

James Franco:

Knee deep in promotional duties for his new movie, James Franco greeted fans after leaving Sirius Radio Station in New York City on Wednesday (March 6).

The “Oz The Great and Powerful” star looked handsome in a gray sweater, black jacket, blue jeans, and a blue scarf as he graciously posed for photos with admirers outside.

Recently, the 34-year-old actor spoke with ABC News about the film and how a very special lady has a cameo. James”s grandmother Mitzy can be seen in the courtyard at the witch Glinda”s palace.

As for his next big thing, the renaissance man says, “I”ve been teaching a lot, actually. That”s a new chapter in my life. It was very scary at first, but I love it. It puts my energy in a different direction. I get to look at other people”s work and not think about myself every day. Yea, it”s good.”