James Franco Making a Small Screen Comeback

James Franco Making a Small Screen Comeback

He”s always one to enjoy a few laughs, and now James Franco is giving his fans a sneak peek at his new project.

The “Freaks and Geeks” star took to his Instagram account on Monday (August 19) and posted a pic hinting towards a small screen return.

The snapshot featured the 35-year-old actor”s face Photoshopped onto the famous Mona Lisa with scribbled words reading, “New TV series about art Duuuh.”

Under the picture he wrote, “They don”t” want to say the channel yet, don”t know why. But I guess you”ll find out Wednesday.”

Not giving a hint as to what kind of appearance he will make on the upcoming show, whether it”s acting or producing, he promises everyone will find out tomorrow (August 21).

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