James Franco Flies By ??Jimmy Kimmel Live?

James Franco Flies By ??Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Hes never afraid to take a risk, and James Franco sailed into the Jimmy Kimmel Live show via hot air balloon last night (February 13).

The Spring Breakers stud was in the house to promote his brand new film Oz the Great and Powerful, in which he plays the wizard himself.

James also discussed his near-brush with tragedy this week, as he worked with some film class students near the location that fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner was found.

“In the film class, we make movies and I act in them. And then I get great actors to come be a part of the show. I was acting in one yesterday, in fact. We werein Big Bear, like, five minutes from where all of that horrible stuff went down.”

“In the movie, I was driving a sheriff”s car, too, so it was really weird. And there were SWAT team trucks going right by where we were shooting.”