James Franco Drops By ITV Studios for ??This Morning?

James Franco Drops By ITV Studios for ??This Morning?

Doing a little career multitasking while overseas, James Franco showed up at ITV Studios in London, England on Thursday morning (July 4).

The This Is The End hunk looked handsome as he finished up an interview on This Morning, during a break from his film Good People, with Kate Hudson, which is also filming in London.

And while James is trying to raise $500,000 for film students in NYC to make his short stories into a movie, he insists its not the same thing as asking his fans to fund a vanity project like other celebrities have done recently.

“I”m not doing this for my own project. Im not using my celebrity to get money for a project that I”m going to direct. This is really to give a chance to talented people that deserve it but maybe wouldn”t have the opportunity to otherwise.”

“My intention is not to go on Indiegogo and ask people to donate money that will then eventually go into my pocket.”