James Franco Confronts Gay Rumors in DETAILS March 2013

James Franco Confronts Gay Rumors in DETAILS March 2013

With his new movie “OZ The Great and Powerful” set to hit theaters March 8th, James Franco pitched in on promotions by covering the March 2013 issue of DETAILS magazine.

The 34-year-old actor rocked an all-white Gucci ensemble for the fashionable Mark Seliger-shot front page and confronted rumors regarding his sexuality.

Below we have our recap of Mr. Franco”s interview. For more, be sure to visit DETAILS!

On rumors regarding his sexuality:
“One of my professors at Yale, Michael Warnerone of the big reasons I went to Yale, really. But as soon as he brought his queer life into that world, it gave him this energy and a realization: It wasn”t about being gay but about being different. And that gave me a feeling of enormous permission.”

On his childhood graffiti art:
“My friends and I had a group we called I.A.K., which stood for “I am king.” We would write poetry or little sayings that we liked and then sign it with the group moniker.”

On finding an alternative to smoking:
“There was lots of pot in the “Spring Breakers” strip-club scene. I don”t even smoke cigarettes for roles anymore – I use herbal stuff.”

On his advice to others pursuing dreams:
“All you have is what you work on and how hard you work on it. As far as the results or the reception, it”s out of your hands. That”s something I really had to come to understand.”