Jake Gyllenhaal Brings "Prisoners" to "The Queen Latifah Show"

Jake Gyllenhaal Brings

Stepping out to promote his new film “Prisoners” (in theaters now), Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by the set of “The Queen Latifah Show” on Friday (September 20).

Refusing to have a serious conversation with the talk show host, the 32-year-old actor sarcastically revealed how popular he thinks he is.

“Yes, I was incredibly popular in school. All the time,” he joked. “Yes. End of conversation, yes. The most popular all the time.”

“Yes everybody really enjoys me all the time. Everything about me. There is not one aspect of my personality that is abhorrent. Everything I do is shiny, clean, it”s amazing. I impress myself,” he added.

Watch the full interview with Jake and Queen L below!