Jackie Chan — I’m NOT Quitting Action Flicks Afterall


The mourning period is officially over — Jackie Chan assures our sources he is DEFINITELY not quitting action films, despite telling the press a few weeks ago he was axing his action slate to become “the Asian Robert De Niro.”

We remember it like it was yesterday … but in fact it was in May … Jackie was promoting his new film — “Chinese Zodiac” — when he told reporters “This will be my last action movie.”

After two months of imagining a world without Jackie beating people up … some good news finally emerged last night when our sources caught up with the martial-arts God outside fancy-schmancy Bouchon in Beverly Hills.

We asked Jackie point-blank about his self-proclaimed retirement and he told us, “Nooooooooo. I still do action movie.”

So rest easy folks, there”s still hope for “Rush Hour: 20.”