Ivanka Trump Fronts HAMPTONS September 2013

Ivanka Trump Fronts HAMPTONS September 2013

In the midst of her busy schedule and preparing for the birth of her second child, Ivanka Trump graced the cover of HAMPTONS magazine”s Best of 2013 issue.

During the Q&A session with actress Emmy Rossum, the 31-year-old real estate heiress chatted about her hotel projects and even reveals how she juggles her multiple career endeavors.

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On her hotels:
“We are in the process of a $250 million renovation of the Doral Resort in Miami, Florida, which is an incredible property. Additionally, our selection by the federal government to be the developers of the iconic and landmarked Old Post Office building in Washington, DC, is poised to be a great example of our vision transforming and reinventing a building with ample historical significance, while preserving its historic integrity.”

On her tough schedule:
“Im very focused on having the right priorities rather than obsessing over balance. Lack of sleep also helps me pick up a few extra hours to try and get everything done!”

On her favorite “me” time activities:
“I really enjoy cooking. Its very therapeutic in a way and it allows me to do something for my family while spending time with them. In the Hamptons I love lounging by the pool with a good book or taking long walks on the gorgeous beaches.”

On the people who inspire her:
“My daughter, of course, my husband, my parents and brothers. I admire my father and brothers for their work ethic and innovative leadership. We all have a great respect and love for one another, and it makes our work that much better. My husband is equally passionate about his work in both real estate and publishing and he inspires me to work harder, reach further and supports me in every way. My daughter inspires me each day as I want to make her proud and be someone she looks up to with the same admiration and respect I have for my parents.”