It's a "Twilight" Reunion: Nikki Reed Grabs Lunch with Peter & Elizabeth

It's a

The “Twilight” saga is done, but it seems there”s a forever bond between the cast mates.

On Friday (November 1), Nikki Reed met up with her former on-set parents P Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli in Los Angeles.

While enjoying their meal, Miss Reed took to her Instagram account and posted a snapshot of the trio with the caption, “I love my fam. Thanks for the soup, cookies, and company!”

Recently the brunette beauty admitted to Movieline that it was sad that she doesn”t see all her cast mates since the production ended.

“It feels really sad, and there are not many moments in your life when you can consciously close a chapter,” Nikki explained. “You reach a milestone like you”re graduating college, and you”re like, oh- I”m aware that this is going to completely change my life when this is done.”

Miss Reed continued, “You normally look back on things in hindsight, but with this we”ve known that it”s been coming to an end since the beginning.”

“It”s really sad for me. I feel really sad. Everyone else is like, “No it”s fun and exciting!” and it”s all those things, too. But it”s hard to know what an experience this has been, and be conscious of that, and still know that it”s done,” she added.