It’s a Charlie Brown Probation — Peter Robbins Avoids More Jail Time for Ex-Girlfriend Stalking

Breaking News 0508-peter-robbins-APThe former voice of Charlie Brown was sentenced to 1 year in jail for stalking and threatening an ex-girlfriend and her plastic surgeon … but he”s getting off with time served.

Peter Robbins was arrested back in January, pleaded guilty in April … and got slapped with the 365 day sentence in San Diego today. Thanks to an 8-month rehab program, and the 110 days he”s already done behind bars … he”ll avoid further jail time.

Robbins — who voiced Chuck in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “It”s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” — got busted after threatening his ex and the surgeon who did her breast enhancement.

Robbins also got 5 years probation, a 10-year order to “stay away” from the doc — and has to pay $15,081.90 in restitution to his ex.

What a blockhead.