Isla Fisher in Fashion May 2013: "Lena Dunham is Brilliant"

Isla Fisher in Fashion May 2013:

Her highly anticipated flick “The Great Gatsby” opens in theaters this Spring, and during promotions Isla Fisher covered the May 2013 issue of Fashion magazine.

After donning a stunning Burberry Prorsum gown for the Chris Nicholls-shot front page, the 37-year-old actress opened up about everything from her red carpet style to her and husband Sasha Baron Cohen”s sense of humor.

“I still love what I wore to the London premier of “Wedding Crashers” even though I wore it years ago. It was a Chanel pale pink strapless dress. I also love this midnight blue Herve Legere number I wore to the Golden Globes when my husband won for “Borat”,” Miss Fisher dished.

In regards to crossing paths with her ultimate idol, Isla explained, “Goldie Hawn is my hero, I just think she is incredibly funny and I love her in every movie. I cant help it. I just think she is fabulous.. It wasnt a conversation, it was on a dance floor and she was dancing next to me so I saddled up to her doing some moves pretending it was just a natural progression in my dance moves and I kind of shimmied my shoulders at her for a smile and then shimmied away.”

Meanwhile, the redheaded beauty discussed her time away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and said, “I recently wrote a script with my mom-a thriller-just for fun because I enjoy writing so much. It has involved a lot of gin and tonic, a lot of giggling, a lot of late night emailing back and forth. I highly recommend actually doing something creative with a family member.”

“When you get to know someone creatively you get to know a whole other side to them,” she adds.

As for what she and hubby Sasha Baron Cohen find amusing, Miss Fisher explained, “Subverting the truth is the funniest thing of all. We laugh about that all the time. It works best when you hit at something that is happening in the world and represent it in a surprising way. Lena Dunham is brilliant at it.

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