Is There a Bun in Kelly Clarkson??s Oven?!

Is There a Bun in Kelly Clarkson??s Oven?!

Following her secret wedding to Brandon Blackstock last month, Kelly Clarkson is on the fast track to getting knocked up.

The My Life Would Suck Without You songstress told Jay Leno that shes actively trying to get pregnant, though she wouldnt confirm if the mission had been accomplished just yet.

Kelly blurted out, Practice makes perfect! to which Jay replied, Are you pregnant right now Clarkson fired back, What are you saying

Leno explained, “I always get this stars that come and go, I”m thinking about having a baby,” and then the next week they go on Ellen and announce it there. So, I”m asking you, are you pregnant Remember, you are under oath!”

Kelly shared, “We are not announcing anything right now. We”re not, no!” She also added in that theyre getting busy like rabbits. Oh joy.