Is Charlotte Casiraghi racing towards marriage with Alex Dellal?

Is Charlotte Casiraghi racing towards marriage with Alex Dellal?

Her uncle Prince Albert recently married in glittering nuptials, graced by supermodels and the creme de la creme of Europe”s aristocrats.

Could Princess Caroline”s pretty daughter Charlotte Casiraghi be next

She and her boyfriend of four years boyfriend Alex Dellal, who attended the Monaco royal wedding together, certainly made a winning match at the Prix de L”Arc de Triomphe – France”s most prestigious horse race.


Charlotte, 25, stood out from all the other filles in attendance, dressed to perfection in a white skirt and navy blue top, with her favourite accessory by her side – her handsome companion Alex.

Later that night after a quick change of clothes, the popular couple celebrated the launch of TOD”s new spring signature collection in the fashion capital.


Alex, the owner of trendy London art gallery 20 Hoxton Square, is the son of millionaire property owner Guy Dellal and his stunning wife Andrea. 

The young lovers met each other through Alex”s sister, model Alice, and have been inseparable ever since.

She”s certainly given the courtship her approval. “I love her. She is just amazing,” Alice told the Daily Telegraph. “They are not engaged … yet but they have been together for years, so it is a possibility.”

Her family seem equally enthusiastic. Princess Caroline always looks overjoyed to see the couple together in Monte Carlo.
Charlotte Casiraghi at 25: One of the brightest stars on the royal scene