Ireland Baldwin Juices Up in Calabasas

Ireland Baldwin Juices Up in Calabasas

Shes vigilant about healthy eating, and Ireland Baldwin picked up some freshly-squeezed juice in Calabasas, California on Wednesday afternoon (August 14).

The 17-year-old model daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger looked sporty sexy in a white top and black tights with matching flip flops as she carried her beverage off to the library to meet up with a few friends.

And though she doesnt turn 18 until October 23rd, it sounds like Ireland already knows what she wants to do for her big celebration nothing.

She tweeted, Not doing squat for my 18th birthday. I”m going to stay home and play Monopoly and eat pop tart ice cream sandwiches.

Later, Baldwin added, Herding my emotions back into their pin. Let the sheepdogs tear them to pieces. Never to be seen again.