Inside the Lindo Wing: where the royal baby will be born

Inside the Lindo Wing: where the royal baby will be born
Kate Middleton will welcome her royal baby into the world in the famous Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital in Paddington. The luxurious ward has witnessed several royal births, including that of father-to-be Prince William, his brother Prince Harry and their cousins, Peter and Zara Phillips.

According to the hospital’s website, a normal delivery package costs £4,965 for the first 24 hours, rising to £6,420 for the first 24 hours of a Caesarean birth. Rooms come fitted with a fridge, satelite TV, a radio, a safe and a bedside phone. Newspapers are delivered on a daily basis and an extensive wine list is available for jubilant new mothers and their families.



Kate’s own suite reportedly has blackout curtains to ensure her privacy and fresh flowers to brighten the room.

The hospital, which underwent renovation last year, has kitchen staff who cater for those with special dietry requirements.

The Lindo Wing prides itself on offering “modern, consultant-led, world-class care” for its patients and has private rooms and birthing pools available. Expert consultants are present 24 hours a day and a host of maternity staff are on hand around the clock.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Anna Maxted, who had all three of her children at the hospital, described that “medical excellence, not fancy carpet, is what you pay for.”

“I was treated as every woman deserves at this emotional and exhilarating time: like a princess,” added Anna who said “if I pressed a buzzer, staff responded instantly”.


Kate and her unborn baby are being cared for by a top medical team that includes the Queen’s former and current gynaecologists. The mum-to-be is being looked after by the monarch’s current surgeon-gynaecologist Dr Alan Farthing and his predecessor Dr Marcus Setchell.

Prince William was welcomed into the world at St Mary’s hospital on 21 June 1982. Diana entered the Lindo Wing via the Mary Stanford entrance, the same way Kate went in at 5:30 am on 22 July.

Two years later, Diana and Charles presented their second son, Prince Harry, at the doors of the Lindo Wing on 15 September 1984.