India.Arie — Sued for Allegedly Screwing Up Her Own Career

1216_india_arie_EXIndia.Arie“s former manager isn”t just suing her for money she claims she”s owed … she also believes India sabotaged her own career, which cost her even more money … this according to a lawsuit obtained by .

According to a lawsuit filed earlier this year in federal court in Tennessee, Noreen Nalli served as India.Arie”s manager from 2005-2009, when she claims Arie dumped her without notice.

The two are now involved in a she-said-she-said battle. Nalli claims India.Arie still owes her money from when they worked together and India.Arie counter-sued … claiming she overpaid Nalli.

But here”s the interesting part … Nalli claims India.Arie constantly canceled shows, rejected offers to perform, and would be unavailable for weeks at a time … which hurt record sales and therefore cost Nalli additional money.

A rep for India.Arie tells that “she remains hopeful that the matter will be resolved amicably.”