I’ll Have Another — Scratched from Belmont Stakes, NO TRIPLE CROWN!!!

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I”ll Have Another will not be the first Triple Crown winner in 34 years — the thoroughbred has been scratched from tomorrow”s Belmont Stakes … and may never run again.

The horse”s trainer Doug O”Neill just dropped the bombshell on the “Dan Patrick Show” … confirming the rumors that I”ll Have Another was indeed injured. He was not specific, but said there was a “little problem” with the left hind leg.

O”Neill said his horse seemed fine “to the eye” — but clearly, something changed this morning … just one day before I”ll Have Another could have become just the 12th Triple Crown winner in history.

I”ll Have Another had already won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness — but O”Neill says the horse will not race again for at least 3 months, and could possibly be done for good.

A news conference is scheduled this afternoon in New York.