Ice-T — Gets Burned on Condo Sale … LOSES $250k

exclusive 0817_ice_t_coco_miami_condo_launch
It”s a good thing Ice-T knows how to act, rap, and carry a reality TV show …  because dude just took it in the shorts — selling off his Miami condo for almost a quarter million LESS than he paid for it, our sources has learned. 

Ice-T — real name Tracy Marrow — bought the 1,956-square-foot beachfront Miami pad back in 2007 for a whopping $1.53 million.

But Ice just sold the 3-bedroom, 3-bath, stark white crib for a measly $1.29 million … which our sharp math mind calculates to be a $240,000 hit.

The condo”s got ocean views, marble floors and other awesome amenities … like concierge service, pool, spa, gym … and of course a sauna AND steam room.

“Cause true ballers gotta have TWO kinds of heat.