Ice Cube’s Tour Bus — PULLED OVER For Speeding

Exclusive 0617_ice_cube_cops
If this is NWA, then the “A” stands for acceleration … because Ice Cube“s tour bus got pulled over for speeding this afternoon in Durham, North Carolina.

A rep for the Granville County Sheriff”s Department wouldn”t say how fast the bus was gunning it along I-85 North, but the speed limit on that road is 70 mph … so the driver really must”ve been hauling ass.

But lucky for him, we”re told the driver was let off with a warning — no tickets issued — and Ice Cube was nice enough to get out and sign autographs for a bunch of the officers.

FYI, Ice Cube”s next show for his “Kings of the Mic” tour isn”t until tomorrow in New Jersey … so there”s really no hurry.