Ian Ziering — Throws Tara Reid to the Shark(nado)s Too

Exclusive 080213_ian_ziering_launch
“Sharknado” star Ian Ziering landed in a seriously tight spot last night — forced to choose between backing his co-star Tara Reid … and  his own pay day for the sequel.

Ian and his wife were walking out of Boa when posed the question … “Would you like to have Tara back on Sharknado 2”

Boom! Rock and a hard place.

As we first reported … producers have already decided they want Ian, back for the sequel — but Tara”s sitch is not yet a lock.

So, this was Ian”s chance to loudly proclaim he”d love to have her back on set … and what do you think he did

Yeah, he totally left her for shark bait.