Hunger Games Star Speaks Out About Racist Twitter Attacks—What Did He Say?

The stars of The Hunger Games aren’t about to let racist Twitter vitriol ruin all the fun.

While Amandla Stenberg issued a statement about the controversy last week, Dayo Okeniyi hasn’t said anything…until now!

Read on to find out what he told me at the Kids’ Choice Awards…

“I think this is a lesson for people to think before they tweet,” said Okeniyi, who plays Thresh in the movie. “It’s sad…We could now see where society is today. But I try not to think about stuff like that.

“Our movie did amazing numbers,” he continued. “The response has been so positive and I just want to stay in that mindset. Whatever happens like that, I can just let it fall by the wayside.”

And Okeniyi can keep appreciating the fans. He was recently sent a pair of underwear. “Someone asked me to sign it,” he laughed. “I did it, because I love my fans that much.”