Hulk Hogan — I’m WIPING My Sex Tape from the Internet

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Hulk Hogan
is committing Internet genocide on his sex tape … systematically seeking out and removing ALL copies of the XXX footage from the web, our sources has learned.

Hulk recently obtained a temporary restraining order against Gawker Media, banning the website from displaying excerpts from his infamous sex tape with Bubba the Love Sponge“s ex-wife.

Gawker agreed to remove the video — at least for the time being — and now, we”ve learned Hulk is trying use the restraining order to force every other website on the planet to remove the footage too.

To prove Hulk means business, we”ve obtained one of the letters sent by Hogan”s attorney to — which posted screenshots of the sex footage several times last year — and it”s pretty aggressive.

If The Dirty doesn”t remove the images ASAP, Hulk”s lawyer says he”ll take drastic legal action to make sure the website complies. FYI, The Dirty hasn”t done squat yet.

And Hulk might be fighting a losing battle — because once something”s on the Internet, it”s pretty much there to stay. Forever.