Hugh Jackman Weighs in on Syria: "No Wonder Presidents Go Gray So Quickly"

Hugh Jackman Weighs in on Syria:

Keeping his body in superhero shape, Hugh Jackman went for a jog in the West Village of New York City on Tuesday (September 17).

The “Wolverine” star wore a black jacket, gray pants, a baseball cap, and some FiveFingers sneakers as he took in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple.

Recently, the Aussie actor was at the premiere of his new movie “Prisoners,” where he weighed in on the grave situation in Syria.

Not afraid to put his two cents in, Hugh told FOX411, “I have a lot of thoughts on it. The first thought was, after the speeches had been made, and it was late at night, and I just thought how lonely and difficult it must be for President Obama to go to bed and be alone thinking about the weight and burden of it on his shoulders. On one hand, youve got history of the holocaust or Rwanda if you do nothing. On the other hand, you have violence begetting violence and what a difficult thing that is to get into. I feel for him. There is no right answer. Its no wonder Presidents go gray so quickly.