Hugh Jackman: ??There is Nothing Too Skanky For My Wanky!? On Fallon

Hugh Jackman: ??There is Nothing Too Skanky For My Wanky!? On Fallon

Taking care of a media appearance, Hugh Jackman paid a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (September 19).

And while the Les Miserables hunk was in the house to promote his new flick Prisoners, the action quickly shifted to a man-to-man arm wrestling match.

Fallon told Hugh that during the bout, he prefers to call out what hell do after he wins, setting the stage for some seriously funny one-liners.

Leading off, Jimmy declared, After I win Im going to run a hot bath, light some candles, and listen to my favorite band of all time- Hoobastank, to which Jackman replied, After I win, you know what Im gonna do Jimmy Im gonna to get in a fight with Dwayne Johnson, Im gonna put a paper bag over his head and say, Ha! Paper over Rock!

Towards the end, Fallon struggled as he blurted out, After I win Im gonna dance like nobodys watching, Im gonna sing like nobodys listening, Im gonna twerk like nobodys yelling, Hey this is a little league game. Take a hike, creep!

And right before he pinned Jimmy, Hugh stated, After I win, Im gonna get into some very weird Fifty Shades of Grey kind of shears, because there is nothing too skanky for my wanky!