Hugh Jackman Sips Vodka on ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Hugh Jackman Sips Vodka on ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Hes always up for a good time, and last night (July 24) Hugh Jackman had a blast on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Sporting a handsome grey suit, the Les Miserables star dropped by to promote his new movie The Wolverine, in theaters tomorrow.

Hugh explained, The movie takes place in Japan, which for comic book fans is huge because thats the most popular of the sagas It sort of takes place after X-Men 3 where [Wolverine] has killed the love of his life who has turned into Dark Phoenix so hes haunted, hes lonely, hes lost, he has no purpose. And hes a two-or-three-hundred-year-old guy, youre never sure how old he is, and he almost doesnt want to live. So thats where it begins.

Its a more intimate look at the character in a way. Its more intense, and when he goes dark hes really berserk, and I think its what the fans were looking for.

And of course, Jackman and Fallon engaged in a cutthroat game of I Drink You Drink. Check the video below!