Hugh Jackman Signs on to Co-Host ??Today?

Hugh Jackman Signs on to Co-Host ??Today?

Hes always a welcome sight, and this morning (September 18) Hugh Jackman showed up at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

The Wolverine hunk smiled for the shutterbugs as he exited NBC Studios where he was busy promoting his brand new movie Prisoners.

During his chat with Matt Lauer, Hugh confessed that he actually aspired to be a journalist long before he became a silver screen heartthrob.

“I actually graduated with a major in journalism, and when I was thinking about going into it, I realized that I”d be bad at it. I could probably do half of your job, the traveling bit, the easy interviews. But when it came to the tougher interviews, I”m just gullible, I just believe people.”

As for his role in the flick, Jackman plays a father whose daughter is kidnapped. He explained, “My character goes about as far as you could think possible. There”s something primal about this thing, our urge and need to protect our kids. … It goes beyond reason.”