Hugh Jackman & Jessica Chastain Drop by ??The Tonight Show?

Hugh Jackman & Jessica Chastain Drop by ??The Tonight Show?

Theyre both nominated for Oscars at the upcoming 85th Academy Awards, and Hugh Jackman and Jessica Chastain both showed up at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night (February 4).

The Real Steel stud began by talking about his affinity for the NFL and his experience watching the SuperBowl over the weekend.

Hugh explained, I love American football. And the SuperBowl to me is just it. My kids are not so into it and I had my day with the kids yesterday. And I did that classic parent thing. I said, Look, weve got all day together. Weve got the football They asked, How long is the football, and I replied, Its an hour, an hour and a half.

And my son who is almost 13, hes like, Dad its been three hours and its still a blackout. Whats going on here Anyway, but I loved it. It was a great game.

I was kind of probably rooting for the Ravens at the beginning, but as the 49ers were coming back I was up, I was high-fiving I just wanted a great game and it was [a great game].

Later, Jessica shared how she learned of her Oscar nomination. I was on an airplane flying from New York to LA and I thought, Oh this will be super relaxing because I wont get woken up by phone calls, but then someone said that there was internet on the plane. So I get on the plane and I go to sleep and [director] Kathryn Bigelow and [writer] Mark Boal are on it. When I wake up its right when were about to land and I think, Okay, the announcements been made. Im sure people know.

And Im looking around at all the stewardesses, waiting for a thumbs up, and no one does it and so Im like, Okay, I wasnt nominated. And then Kathryn comes over and says, Congratulations. I jump up on my chair on the airplane, about to scream, and then I realized that an Air Marshall is going to tackle me and duct tape me to my seat. So I held it in. It was an inner-scream.