Hugh Jackman: Hunky Cover Star for Men's Fitness July 2013

Hugh Jackman: Hunky Cover Star for Men's Fitness July 2013

With his new flick “The Wolverine” slated to hit theaters July 26th, Hugh Jackman covered the July/August 2013 issue of Men”s Fitness magazine.

The “X-Men” star rocked designer duds from DKNY and Polo Ralph Lauren for the Ben Watts-shot spread while discussing his exercising regime and even offers tips on how to build more muscle.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Jackman”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Men”s Fitness!

On his body before his acting career:
“I worked in a gym for three years. I weighed 170 pounds, I was 6″2″”, and I was just skin and bones. The guys in the locker room used to go, “Hey Skinny! Hey Ana!” – they used to call me Ana, for anorexic- and I”d go, “You tell me a practical application of a 350-pound press and I”ll do it!””

On his exercising advice:
“For someone who”s trying to maintain muscle, it”s important, even though you”re trying to lose body fat, that you continue to lift heavy weights. If the body knows it”s got to be lifting heavy weights on a regular basis, it”ll maintain more muscle mass. Whereas, if you go at it with just cardio, it”ll lose everything muscle and fat.”

On always being the nice guy:
“As an actor, I”ve always believed that any label is your enemy. Look, I was brought up in a way where you treat people with respect. So it”s certainly easier for me to be polite and respectful to people than to be an a**hole. Like, if I”m walking down the street with my family and the 29th person says, “Hey man, can I get a photo” for me to say, “No photos, get f*****”- for the next hour I”ll be thinking I shouldn”t have said that. Whereas, if I say either, “Yeah, no problem,” or “Listen I”m with my family now, but it”s nice to meet you,” then I move on, in a way it”s easier.”