Hugh Grant faces fine over failing to register birth

Hugh Grant faces fine over failing to register birth

It”s normal that new parents get so absorbed in their little bundle of joy that they forget what”s going on with the rest of the world.

So maybe actor Hugh Grant can cite baby bliss if Westminster Council fine him for failing to file some very important paperwork.

Parents are legally obliged to register the birth of their child within 42 days – or face a fine of up to £200.

It”s been 45 days since the About A Boy star welcomed his little girl with former partner Tinlang Hong. 


But neither the actor nor Tinlang have made their child”s birth official since she arrived on 26 September.

A registry office worker said: “It hasn”t been registered yet.”

“It is appointment only to register a birth and there is no appointment.”

However, despite their no-show, it”s unlikely that the pair are going to be in deep trouble.

“It is quite common to go over 42 days,” added the source.

“We”ve got some as long three months.”

“The main thing is that we maintain communication with the parents – and it”s not like we are going to turn up on his doorstep with the police and chase them up.”
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