Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult reunited after eleven years

Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult reunited after eleven years
Who knew the Canadian Grand Prix was the place to run into old friends At Saturday”s Formula One race, Hugh Grant bumped into his former co-star, Nicholas Hoult, who was attending with fellow co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy.

The comedic duo met on the scenes of About A Boy, where Hugh played a carefree and wealthy thirty-something bachelor who gets lessons in growing up from the maladroit and friendless school boy Marcus, played by Nicholas.

Eleven years on and Nicholas has certainly grown out of his awkward teenage looks, while Hugh has kept his boyish charms.


The Caterham FI Team uploaded a photo of the reunion, posting, “Nick Hoult”s just bumped into an old friend… Hugh Grant” showing the former co-stars enjoying the sun and smiling at the cameras.

Nicholas was at the race with fellow X-Men co-stars James and Jennifer. The actors took a tour of the Caterham garage and chatted away to the Formula One team.

“The X Men are back on track. Nick Hoult and James McAvoy are with us for race day in Canada,” tweeted the team, and later, “Out in the pitlane with @Charles_Pic1 Nick Hoult and James McAvoy.”

Questions were raised over the whereabouts of Jennifer who did appear in the posts.

Nicholas and Jennifer broke up in January after a two-year romance, but have remained close friends since. They looked to be on very good terms during the day, posing next to each other in photos with the Formula One team.

Later that evening, the pair attended the HBO Boxing event at the Bell Centre and were reportedly enjoying the fight and getting into it, despite trying to keep a low-profile. The next night they went back for the Rolling Stones concert.

Only time can tell whether the former lovebirds will get back together, but in the past they have never hidden their affection and admiration for each other.

“I”m very, very happy for her… I”m thrilled,” Nicholas said, on hearing that Jennifer had won an Oscars award for Best Actress.

Earlier in the year, Jennifer showed they were still on good terms after their failed relationship. “He is honestly my best friend,” she said. “He”s my favourite person to be around and he makes me laugh harder than anybody.”