Howard Stern’s Beetlejuice — I Knocked Jake Gyllenhaal the F**k Out

Exclusive 031413_beetlejuice_v2_launch
Howard Stern fans are gonna LOVE this clip — Jake Gyllenhaal, on the other hand, might not … because his former co-star Beetlejuice is talking some serious smack.

We ran into Beet in NYC yesterday and asked about his Shakespearean performance in the 2001 movie “Bubble Boy” — and it”s pretty clear he”s not a huge fan of Jake.

BJ said, “We got to know each other. When he sucked my c**k.”

He added, “[Jake] got knocked the fuck out “cause I hit him!”

Now, Howard Stern Show listeners know it”s hard to take anything Beetlejuice says with more than a grain of salt … but at least the guy is entertaining as hell.

If like us, you doubt the 4″7″ Stern Wack Packer could really knock out 6 foot Jake — you gotta hear what Beet says about pumping iron.

You”re welcome, Stern fans.