America’s Got Talent: Howard Stern Makes Rapper Mir Money, 7, Cry

Howard Stern Makes 7-Year-Old Rapper Cry on America”s Got Talent

It”s not easy being a judge on America”s Got Talent.

Howard Stern, who joined the panel alongside Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel for the show”s new season, found that out the hard way when he buzzed a 7-year-old rapper named Mir Money.

After the Philadelphia student took the stage and had the crowd cheering along to his song, Stern hit his X button (“I think the X has a lot of power,” he said in the season premiere. “I like hitting it”), before Osbourne followed suit.

“You”re a very nice young man and you know that. No one likes hitting the X on a 7-year-old. You”re very brave to get up there at 7 years old,” Stern said, as Money started to cry.

The crowd erupted with booing, and Stern approached the stage, saying, “I”ll fix everything.”

When he got to Money, he leaned over and gave him a hug. “I”m so sorry. … You”re a terrific young man. You are so brave,” Stern said. “This job is too rough for me. I don”t really want to do it anymore.”

“I don”t want to make you cry,” he continued. “I”ve met many of great rappers … none of them are quite as great as you.”

As host Nick Cannon carried Money off the stage, Stern said the cameras, “I”m not cut out for this man. I”m not cut out for it. I”m shaking man. I”m shaking.”

“I can”t do it,” he added. “Radio is for me. I made a mistake. This is not for me.”