Houston Texans — Please Stop Burning Matt Schaub Jerseys

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The Houston Texans are taking steps to stop more fans from lighting their Matt Schaub jerseys on fire outside of their stadium — but it ain”t to protect the QB”s feelings.

our sources spoke with a member of the Texans organization who tells us … the team decided it needed to take action after watching a viral YouTube video which featured a bunch of fans flaming up a #8 jersey in the stadium parking lot after the team lost to the Seahawks last weekend.

We”re told the team is making a concerted effort to “do a better job monitoring the people who tailgate” because jersey fires are a direct violation of the stadium”s open flame policy.

The team should also do a better job monitoring Schaub … “cause if he didn”t throw so many damn pick 6s (3 in the last 3 games), they probably wouldn”t have had this problem to begin with.