‘Horse’ from ‘America’s Got Talent’ — CHEATS DEATH … After Tree-Smashing Car Crash

Exclusive 0520_zac_gordon_01

America”s Got Talent” star Zac Gordon … aka Horse … aka the guy with iron testicles … is lucky to be alive … after smashing his car into a tree while trying to avoid striking a deer, our sources has learned.

Horse — who became famous for allowing people to bash him in the scrotal-region on AGT — tells us he was driving in Harrisburg, PA Saturday when a deer suddenly ran out in front of his car.  Horse says he jerked the wheel, trying not to kill the animal … but lost control and went careening into a tree.

Zac says he hit the tree so hard the car flipped over — “I legitimately thought I was going to die.”

An ambulance rushed to the scene and hauled the AGT star off to the hospital. He was released later that night with a possible concussion, sore neck and scratches … but luckily no major injuries.

“I”m just glad to be alive,” Horse tell us.

Now, here”s Zac crashing into other things: