‘Honey Boo Boo’ — Naked Photos of Uncle Poodle for Sale

Exclusive 0215-Grindr-Pic-honey-boo-boo-tmz

Honey Boo Boo”s Uncle Poodle is sending pics of his schlong to random men on the Internet and name-dropping HBB — all in the name of getting laid — this according to a man who is now shopping the dong shots to media outlets.

our sources was offered the pics which show a naked man who appears to be Uncle Poodle … in the shower. According to the seller — a man who lives in Georgia — Poodle sent them earlier this week on the gay social app Grindr.

Poodle — real name Lee Thompson — is frequently featured on “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and is openly gay.

The man selling the pics claims Poodle dropped HBB”s name almost immediately during a chat … saying,”So you know who honey boo boo is That”s my niece.”

The seller claims there was no hookup.

We called Poodle to see if he”s planning to take legal action, but haven”t heard back.