Honey Badger — Face Behind the Viral Video Superstar Revealed!

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Nothing can stop the Honey Badger — or at least the voice of  the YouTube sensation — from revealing his face, and we all know why … because “Honey Badger don”t give a s**t!”

got video of Randall — the man whose hysterical voiceover brought HB to life. While the Badger”s racked up more than 30 million Internet views … Randall”s avoided the spotlight.

So, why go public now Randall”s in Hollywood hawking his new book — yes, the Honey Badger can write too — and there”s even an animated TV show in the works. Guess he really is pretty badass. 

Checkout our video to finally put a face to that famous voice. By the way, it”s pretty clear Randall is still not 100% comfortable with the spotlight.