Hitler’s Alleged Grandson — Even My DOG is German!

Philippe Loret, the grandson of Hitler, and his dogIn what seems like a obvious attempt to convince everyone he REALLY IS Adolf Hitler“s grandson … a mustached man named Philippe Loret took his German Shepherd out for a walk in Paris this week.

Loret — a former plumber who served in the French Air Force — is adamant his father was Hitler”s secret lovechild … despite the lack of hard evidence to back his claim. 

Loret claims his grandmother — the son of a German soldier — abandoned her son back in 1918 and fled to Paris due to the shame of having an illegitimate child … only to reconnect 22 years later.

She eventually told her son that his father was Hitler … and he passed the story down to Philippe.

Hitler and his alleged grandson
“I believe I am Hitler”s grandson. Of course I am. The evidence is there. If people don”t believe it, that”s their problem” … Philippe told the Daily Mail.

As for Philippe”s feelings towards the Jews … he says what Hitler did was “wrong” … yet he has 2 images of the evil bastard hanging in his home in Paris.