Hilary Duff Talks Baby Luca at "Planes" Premiere

Hilary Duff Talks Baby Luca at

Bringing her growing tot along as her premiere date, Hilary Duff caught “Planes” in Hollywood this week where her little guy stole the spotlight from his mama.

On the red carpet, E! News spoke to the “Lizzie McGuire” star about all things mom while adorable Luca looked on.

As far as language goes, the 25-year-old actress shares, “He”s talking a lot. He”s saying things like “dog,” “cat,” “bird,” “mom,” “cheese”like one-worders.”

Along with English, he”s gabbing away in his own language, which is “very interesting for me to try to figure out.” Enjoying the baby talk, she adds, “And then he looks at me like, “Uh, didn”t you get that” And I”m like, “Uh, Luc, I don”t speak that yet. I think he”s confused as to who”s learning the language here. He”s trying to teach me his.”

When asked how she stays in shape with the active toddler, Ms. Duff shares, “I”m chasing a baby around all the timeit”s pretty busy. And then I box and I hike and I do Pilates and I take classes whenever my friends drag me out to try some new class. I”m up for anything you know.”

A proud parent along with hubby Mike Comrie, Hilary admits, “I think we definitely want to have more kids. Maybe I”m a two-kid, three-kid kind of gal. But nothing right now, so…”